Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller

Sakina Dugawalla-Moeller,
United Arab Emirates

Sakina is founder of the first female-established Lighting Practice in Dubai, Light.Func.

Established in 2016, the studio has built a reputation for its creativity, versatility, unique and collaborative approach to all projects. A Middle Eastern 15-year lighting industry veteran, Sakina is creative, inspiring young lighting designers to push themselves further without compromising on technical aspects of lighting.

Her prowess achieves uncompromised quality results on projects, believing that talent and hard work should go hand in hand. Sakina is also passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, making her a natural leader.

Beyond leading Light.Func, she focuses energy and motivation on education, with initiatives such as Light.ication and mentoring students in the region. Sakina is also invested in having a rhetoric and all-inclusive lighting community in the UAE, dedicating time to have an open rapport and find opportunities for collaboration. Due to her dedicated passion to the lighting industry, Sakina is the Women in Lighting Ambassador for the UAE.