Pascal Chautard

Pascal Chautard,

Self-taught lighting designer who leads limarí, an independent award winning lighting design practice based in Santiago, Chile. limarí is focused mainly on architectural, urban and museum projects.
Pascal began his approach towards lighting design in Paris theatres in 1986. He formed his independent lighting design studio: limarí in 1993 and move to Chile in 1996.

Founding member and former president of DIA (professional association of Chilean lighting designers).
Professor of the graduate workshop on architectural lighting at the Pontifical Catholic University´s School of Design in Chile between 2011 and 2018.
Creator and organizer of EILD (Encuentro ibero-americano de Lighting Design) 2010, Valparaiso, Chile. Participated in the steering Committees of EILD 2012 Querétaro, Mexico. EILD 2014 Medellin, Colombia EILD 2016, Outro Preto, Brazil and EILD 2019 Colonia, Uruguay.