Maneck Tandon

Maneck Tandon,

Maneck Tandon, a partner at ATPL Lighting, has a rich academic background, exemplified by a Masters in Architectural Lighting
Design, both a bachelors and masters degrees in architecture and an additional diploma in photography. This diverse educational
journey empowers him to go beyond conventional space design, infusing each creation with a masterful integration of light.
Beyond his role at ATPL, Maneck's commitment to the field of lighting extends to academia, where he served as a visiting faculty
member at SPA, Delhi, imparting his knowledge and passion to the next generation of designers. He is also a supporter of
Women in Lighting (India) .
Intrigued by light's potential to transform, his approach transcends the conventional quantitative methods of lighting design,
embracing a holistic outlook. This approach seamlessly integrates aesthetics, functionality, environmental sustainability, and
economic considerations, in his opinion lighting design is a scientific art that should evoke a sense of identity, security, positivity,
and community in people. He firmly believes that the realm of lighting design encompasses both light and darkness,
understanding that the absence of light is just as important as its presence.
Maneck's creative drive is fuelled by a genuine passion for light, utilizing it skilfully to weave captivating visual narratives that
amplify a space's architectural essence.
His expansive portfolio traverses a spectrum of projects - from luxurious hotels, exclusive residential ventures, to bustling
commercial domains like malls and offices. Additionally, he lends his expertise to significant public sector infrastructure projects
such as museums, airports, and Metros.
Maneck's approach underscores not only light's significance but also the nuanced interplay with darkness, a hallmark of our
distinctive design approach.